Corpse Cast Episode 128: Bloodbath – Nightmares Made Flesh (2004) and The Babadook (2014)

Get ready for YOUR EARS TO BLEED as we talk about Bloodbath’s album from 2004 entitled Nightmares Made Flesh… Then we tone it down as we talk about the new scariest boogeyman for kids in 2014’s The Babadook!

Corpse Cast Episode 127: Witchcraft – Legend (2012) and The Haunting of Morella (1990)

In this week’s show we’re talking about occult rockers Witchcraft and their album from 2012 entitled Legend. We’re also talking about a movie based on Edgar Allan Poe’s masterpiece The Haunting of Morella. Spoiler… Nicole Eggert had a body double… bummer. We also hear the entries to the latest Corpse Cast contest… Enjoy!

Corpse Cast Episode 126: Nim Vind – Saturday Night Seance Songs (2014) and Witching and Bitching (2013)

  We’re back after what seems like a month to talk about a couple of new entries into the horror genre. We first talk about Nim Vind’s brand new album Saturday Night Seance Songs, then we talk about Spanish horror-comedy Witching and Bitching. Warning: Since it has been so long, we had a lot to […]

Corpse Cast Episode 125: Halloween List Show

  It’s that time of year once again folks! This year’s live Corpse Cast recording was recorded at 4 Monkeys in Salt Lake City. There are some audio issues on this episode… Some a-hole soundman didn’t do a great job setting it up… but we can all forgive him because of his great beard. Audio […]

Halloween List Show 2014

Alrightey folks, It’s become a tradition that every Halloween-time we get together for an evening to record an episode of the Corpse Cast as we warm up for an excellent show by DieMonsterDie! This year is no different. Friday October 24, 2014, there is going to be an awesome rock and roll show featuring DieMonsterDie, […]

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