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Corpse Cast Episode 290: AC/DC – Power Up (2020) and Castle Freak (2020)

Mike CadaverJanuary 19, 20210 Comments
Wow guys… After over a month off, apparently everything decided to poop all over The Corpse Cast! However, after much turmoil, Episode 290 is here! This episode we’re talking about…
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Corpse Cast Episode 289: The Faceless – In Becoming a Ghost (2017) and Possessor (2020)

Mike CadaverDecember 14, 20200 Comments
We’re back! We’re not quite in the holiday spirit yet with this episode! We needed some time to mess with your mind! We’re talking about a couple real mind fuzz pieces of art…
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Corpse Cast Episode 288: Be’Lakor – Of Breath and Bone (2012) and The Living Dead Girl (1982)

Mike CadaverNovember 30, 20200 Comments
The Corpse Cast is back! For the first episode to come out during the Holiday Season we present our chat about Be’Lakor’s 2012 album called Of Breath and Bone. Next, no this has nothing…
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