Halloween List Show 2014

Alrightey folks, It’s become a tradition that every Halloween-time we get together for an evening to record an episode of the Corpse Cast as we warm up for an excellent show by DieMonsterDie! This year is no different. Friday October 24, 2014, there is going to be an awesome rock and roll show featuring DieMonsterDie, […]

Corpse Cast Episode 124: Rob Zombie – Venomous Rat Regeneration Vendor (2013) and The Lost (2006)

Well hello there… We’re the Corpse Cast and we’re here to give you the good news! This week’s good news involves Rob Zombie’s latest album and a nice family-flick called The Lost from 2006. Sit back, and open your hearts and minds and let us take you to that special place in time…

Corpse Cast Episode 123: Lords of the Trident – Death or Sandwich (2009) and House of 1000 Corpses (2003)

We’ve got a behemoth show for you guys this week… No… not a Behemoth show… as in the Black Metal band, but we got one giant mother of a show for you this week. We’re talking about Lords of the Trident and House of 1000 Corpses .

Corpse Cast Episode 122: Ministry – With Sympathy (1983) and Dr. Alien (1989)

  Alrightey Folks! We’re back this week talking about Ministry’s first LP, With Sympathy from 1983 and Mike’s first true love Dr. Alien from 1989.

Corpse Cast Episode 121: Celtic Frost – Monotheist (2006) and The Eye (2002)

Alrightey Folks, We’re back! We’re talking some hard to describe metal in Celtic (say it with me… /kɛlt/ – ic) Frost and their 2006 album called Monotheist. Then we take a trip to the far east as we talk about 2002’s The Eye.

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