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Corpse Cast Episode 310: Spiritbox – Eternal Blue (2021) and The Blood on Satan’s Claw (1971)

Mike CadaverJanuary 17, 20220 Comments
This episode The Corpse Cast checks out some Metalcore as we talk about Spiribox’s first studio album called Eternal Blue. Then we talk about the British masterpiece The Blood on Satan’s…
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Corpse Cast Episode 309: Beast in Black – Dark Connection (2021) and Sint (2010)

Mike CadaverDecember 6, 20210 Comments
Yes folks… We’re BACK! We’re continuing our killer Santa motif by walking about Sint from 2010. We’re also talking about the brand new Beast in Black album called Dark…
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Corpse Cast Episode 308: Limp Bizkit – Still Sucks (2021) and Santa’s Slay (2005)

Mike CadaverNovember 23, 20210 Comments
I know you see that image and I know what you’re wondering. Yes… Limp Bizkit has a brand new album… and YES The Corpse Cast talks about it on the most recent episode of the podcast!…
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