Corpse Cast Episode 122: Ministry – With Sympathy (1983) and Dr. Alien (1989)

  Alrightey Folks! We’re back this week talking about Ministry’s first LP, With Sympathy from 1983 and Mike’s first true love Dr. Alien from 1989.

Corpse Cast Episode 121: Celtic Frost – Monotheist (2006) and The Eye (2002)

Alrightey Folks, We’re back! We’re talking some hard to describe metal in Celtic (say it with me… /kɛlt/ – ic) Frost and their 2006 album called Monotheist. Then we take a trip to the far east as we talk about 2002’s The Eye.

Corpse Cast Episode 120: Blood Ceremony – Living with the Ancients (2011) and Blacula (1972)

The Corpse Cast is back! This episode we’re talking about Blood Ceremony’s album called Living with the Ancients. We then talk about the Blacksploitation/Horror classic with Blacula.

Corpse Collective Episode 34 – Poll – Best Practical Effects in Horror, The Birthday Massacre – Hide and Seek (2012), and Tokyo

      This episode is likely to blow your mind! We start off talking about The Birthday Massacre’s album from 2012 called Hide and Seek, then we witness one of the most bizarre things to touch our occular nerves in Tokyo Gore Police. Running Length: 79 minutes

Corpse Cast Episode 119: Turbonegro – Sexual Harassment (2012) and The Strange Vice of Mrs. Wardh (1971)

Howdy Folks! You like blood? Violence? Freaks of nature? Well then, come on down to the latest episode of The Corpse Cast! This week we’re talking Norwegian rockers Turbonegro and their album from 2012 called Sexual Harassment… Then we talk about my lady, Edwige Fenech as she stars in The Strange Vice of Mrs. Wardh. […]

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