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CORPSE CAST 347: Celluloid Birth Control – Grace (2009) and The Unborn (1991)

I'm afraid that this episode is too late. I had to cancel our recording of this episode last Friday because of a work engagement, but now it is two days after Valentine's Day. We're talking about two movies about doomed pregnancies and babies! We're talking Grace from 2008 and The Unborn from 1991. This should have been a warning to you for Valentine's... but now it's too late. You're all […]

todayFebruary 17, 2024

Douchecast 5k

Douchecast 5k – We Are The Flesh 2016

I was going to give this episode a real description, but the movie we're talking about (We are the Flesh 2016), doesn't really have any parts that are family friendly to put here in text... you'll have to figure out what's going on by listening to the show. We don't hold back there. Good Luck!

todayJanuary 22, 2024

The Corpse Cast Podcast

CORPSE CAST 345: Hong Kong Black Magic – Seeding of a Ghost (1983) The Boxer’s Omen (1983)

Starting off the year with a bang! This year we're trying to make up for some of our "Horror Blind Spots". We hadn't seen too many Hong Kong Black Magic films... but we take a dent out of them this episode! We're talking about Seeding of a Ghost and The Boxer's Omen, both from 1983.

todayJanuary 12, 2024 2

Horror Discourse

VHS Video Cover Art – The Beginning of an Obsession

Not too long ago, I was sitting in on a Zoom call that the Fangoria Subscriber Community admins hosted. It was an attempt to garner excitement for their new community and to give, all who desired, a chance to introduce themselves.  Many of those who were given the floor, discussed their personal backstory as to how their horror obsession began. As I listened in, I noticed that many of the […]

todayJanuary 7, 2024

The Corpse Cast Podcast

Corpse Cast 344: The Corpse Cast Year in Review

We've arrived at the last episode of the year! Much like every other horror podcast on this planet, we too, did a year in review episode. We're talking about our top 5 horror movies that came out this year as well as the top five movies we saw for the first time this year! Get some!!!

todayDecember 30, 2023

Douchecast 5k

The Douchecast 5k Christmas Bash!

Yeah, we’re a couple of days late…go fuck yourself! That's what I say! The Polonia Brother’s movie, Sister Krampus, held us down and shit in our mouths. Mirth and shit talking abound, like always. -Vaughn Subscribe HERE  

todayDecember 28, 2023

Horror Discourse

The Day that Buffy Died

Yeah, I like Buffy the Vampire Slayer… I didn’t say “liked”, I said “like”… present tense. I realize that the series lasted from 1997 to 2003, but I’ve found myself revisiting the series’ seven seasons often. However, the more I dust off the DVDs, the stronger I feel that instead of Buffy ending in 2003, the series actually died in May of 2001. Buffy the Vampire Slayer (BTVS) has become […]

todayDecember 21, 2023

Savage Cinema Reviews

The Bates Haunting – A Review

Note: This was originally posted at, by yours truly. I'm porting it over as the first review for The Corpse Collective. Synopsis: One year ago, Agnes Rickover attended opening night at the Bates Motel and Haunted Hayride to see her best friend Lily’s dramatic debut. A horrific accident resulted in Agnes witnessing Lily’s fiery death in a spectacle gone wrong. After a year of obsessing over a murder investigation […]

todayDecember 21, 2023 3