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Savage Cinema Reviews – The Disco Exorcist (2011)

todayJune 28, 2024

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Ah yes, this movie takes me back to the days of film grain, bell bottoms, disco, porn staches, and carpets of virility. Yes, folks, the year is 2011 and 70’s throwbacks are all the rage! From Hobo with a Shotgun and Dear God No! all the way to this indie picture called The Disco Exorcist, the seventies were back in 2011, if only through film. It’s possible that its due to the fact that Quentin Tarantino’s blockbuster hit Grindhouse was released only a few years before.

Rex Romanski is the king of Disco. If he isn’t out cutting a rug, Travolta style, he’s doing coke off the asses of the most eligible females in the club. Everyone loves Rex, except for those scorned lovers who had their shot, but Rex was just too hot to hold on to. For Rex, the whore du jour is Rita, a sizzling dancing queen who seems to really have the hots for Rex. It’s going really great for a few days, but time proves that Rex is too spicy for even Rita when he catches the eye of his favorite porn actress, Amoreena Jones. For Rex, this leads him into a life of even more sluts (I’m not judging, but their character names have the word “slut” in it), more coke, and more sex than maybe even Rex could handle. Everything would have been great for Rex were it not for Rita being a vengeful witch who cast a curse onto Rex and those around him. His sluts (again, in the character name) are being possessed by demons, and Rex is in big trouble… both for his way of life (which must be protected), but also for his life itself. What can be done to solve Rex’s demonic problems? Find out by watching The Disco Exorcist from 2011.

This is about as schlocky and exploitative as any film from the actual 70’s… however, this film has it’s tongue firmly in its cheek. It pays homage to olden times, but maybe a little too much. Yes, it’s fun in the beginning with all the blatant nudity, film grain, all the coke sniffing… and it was all amped up to a thousand, but unfortunately time proves that this film rides those cliches until the dead horse has been overly beaten (get it? cliches?). That’s not to say that there wasn’t anything to like about this film, because there is. Michael Reed, as Rex Romanski was charming and fun to watch. His charisma on-screen really connects the viewer to theĀ  story. However, it would have been nice if we could have cut down on the thrusting butt shots of Reed… but to each their own. Sara Nicklin and Ruth Mahala Sulivan who played Amoreena and Rita, were also great in their respective roles. It was nice to get a nice helping of indie women T&A. In the beginning, the silliness was great. However, like I said above, I think it overstayed its welcome.

I will finish by saying that every movie is amazing depending on the circumstances and environment in which the viewer finds himself/herself in. Some horror movies are great when someone is feeling aggressive, some are when someone is feeling vulnerable… but this one… man… I think the main circumstance that someone would be in love with this flick is when they’re inebriated. I’m not saying that as an insult, it’s is just that this movie is much better when you are just having fun with your brain firmly turned off and just letting it happen.

After all is said and done, this was enjoyable. It had style, laughs, and even a cameo from the beloved Penny Dreadful (Danielle Gelehrter). Check it out!

Currently you can stream The Disco Exorcist on Vudo (with ads), or rent from The Google Play Store and Youtube. Click this link to see up to date places where you can stream.

One final thought. In this film, there is a scene in which Rex and his DJ buddy have gone out to an adult theater to… you know… do what you do in an adult theater. In the next seat, Rex’s friend was just there beating off. Hilarious for sure, but it mostly made me grateful for the invention of home video. Like, it never occurred to me that, going to an adult theater with your friend, was your only option at the time to see the hairiest porn known to man.


Written by: Mike Cadaver

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