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Corpse Cast Episode 49: Hellfire Sox – Hellville (2011) and Feast (2005)

todayDecember 29, 2012

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Corpse Cast Episode 49 is in the House! Not really sure why I went with that intro except for the fact that we’re talking about a couple of winners this episode. You maggots ever heard of the Ukraine? No? Well, maybe you oughtta bust out a book every once in a while… However, let me save you some trouble. We’re talking about the Ukraine’s newest Horror Punk Sensation Hellfire Sox and their 2011 album Hellville. We then take a trip down to Greenlight district and talk about John Gulager’s Feast, from 2005… How do you like them apples? Eff me for being abusive to you fine folks… We hope you enjoy this episode.

Written by: Mike Cadaver

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