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Corpse Cast Episode 26: Blitzkid – Apparitional (2011) and Trick or Treat (1986)

todayJuly 21, 2012

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Well folks… don’t really know what to day about this one. It’s long… it’s gnarley… and it just might make some of you cry. This week we received a ton of voicemails where our beloved listeners called us and shared some urban legends from around the country. We also have a special guest that joined me earlier in the week to discuss an urban legend from our neck of the woods.

We then break into talking about Blitzkid’s 2011 album entitled Apparitional after we have a 7 minute sample of the music from this album. After which we talk about Skippy’s 1986 Hair Metal opus… Trick or Treat! Good times were had by all… that is until I had to undergo my punishment for losing the “Name that Movie” contest to Johnny Krueg. That’s right folks… I endured the egg salad sandwich / Slaughtered Vomit Dolls challenge. I added just the audio of that to the end of the show (so it’s easy to skip for those who aren’t up for it).

So… go ahead and have a seat… buckle up… and enjoy this ride.

Written by: Mike Cadaver

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