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The Cadaver Lab Podcast

Cadaver Indies Episode 7 – Pelt 2010

  Johnny and Mike are back! This episode we talk about 2010's Pelt... about young folks who go walking through the woods and get picked off... one... by... one... Zzzzzzzz... ooh sorry... I dozed off a little there reading that plot synopsis. Seems old and tired. However, did Pelt have anything that made it rise above the played-out plot-line? We'll see... Also, we engage in another round of the Horror […]

todayAugust 26, 2012

The Cadaver Lab Podcast

Cadaver Indies Episode 6 – Girls Gone Dead 2012

Johnny and Mike are back with this month's Cadaver Indies... Get ready for it folks, tits, gore, and... well... more tits. Anyhoo... The Trivia Challenge has begun again after the thrashing Johnny gave Mike. The "prize" for the loser is still up in the air, but the game is afoot... Check it out.

todayJuly 29, 2012

The Cadaver Lab Podcast

Cadaver Indies Episode 5 – The Orphan Killer

The hell you say?!? That's right folks, Johnny and Mike are back doing the indies thing... just in time for the horror movie trivia challenge to get wrapped up. The reckoning has arrived... there will be an egg-salad vomit apocalypse... See who is the unlucky fellow. We also talk about a movie called The Orphan Killer... an indie flick from 2011.

todayJuly 2, 2012