This site, The Corpse Collective Premium site, gives you access to all little goodies that are happening. As if the audio podcast isn’t enough, the premium site will give you access to all of the Corpse Collective video shows, premium audio episodes, behind the scenes video and audio… including audio that is capured while recording the audio show that doesn’t end up in the show. We are also bringing back Corpse Trax and Corpse Cast Movie commentaries that will only be available on the premium site.

Once you have your subscription to The Corpse Collective Premium site, you will have access to all the content we’ve put up. You can download or stream the audio files, photos, and video files.




This site is not here because we think we’re something special. We realize that we’re just a couple of dudes who love talking about horror music and film. We just love to do the podcast, both video and audio, and want to continue to do it for as long as possible. We appreciate our listeners and treasure the friendships we’ve built because of The Corpse Cast.

This site will hopefully be able to help us keep the Corpse Collective and Corpse Cast going for a very long time. We’re going to only be using the funds from this site to handle expenses that come because of the podcast. Some of these expenses are hosting (both web and video), equipment upgrades/repairs, and Beer… lots and lots of Beer!




Just head over to The Premium Site and click on the Sign Up link. You’ll enter your desired username and password and create your account. Once you account is created, log in to the site. On your first login, you’ll be redirected to the subscription / contribution page.


We truly do appreciate you being willing to help us keep the Corpse Collective/Cast going strong!