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Horror Origin Story – Mike from Cleethorpes

Horror Origin Story – Mike from Cleethorpes

Mike Cadaver March 15, 2015 0 comments
  • 001me1Name – Mike Elrick (aka – Mikey TromaTrash)
  • Age – 31
  • Hometown – Cleethorpes, North East Lincolnshire, England
  • Occupation – Security Office

So lets get into the thick of it!!

I have always been into horror-esq things since as far back as I can remember. When I was the age 5 or 6 I remember my mum”mom” buying me The Real Ghostbuster toys and comics, and I was usually wearing something Ghotsbuster related. I had Ghostbuster trainers,shorts,thsirts and what not. The Ghostbusters was my favourite movie back then and I was obsessed with the cartoon especially Slimer. I still wish I never got rid of all my Ghostbuster related toys to this date…

Let’s fast-forward 5 years of so…

I was just starting secondary school “High school” and started making friends. I used to go to the library a lot at lunch time just to check out what comics they had in until one day I came across a magazine named Fangoria. It must have been left by one of the older kids in a higher form year but I picked it up and started to flick through… Now, at that point in time,  all I knew about horror back then was Goosebumps which I used to collect and still have my book collection, Are you afraid of the dark the TV series, and some Hammer movies I used to sneak up and watch on school nights. So flicking through the scenes of gore spread across the pages had quite an affect on me. I came across one article about a movie featuring a deranged miner killing off people in a small town. The image of the miner swinging the pick-axe that I saw in the bloody pages of Fango stuck in my head for weeks until one weekend…

Weekends I used to spend at my dads due to my parent getting divorced when i was 8 years old. Every weekend my dad used to take me and my sister to the video shop to rent a movie and a megadrive game. One trip to the shop, I saw it… the video case with that gas mask and blood trickling down it… The one that I’d seen in that issue of Fangoria! It bore the title: My Bloody Valentine!

I hounded my dad to rent it and he did, after some whinging on my behalf, and lets just say from then on, I was hooked!!! From that weekend on, almost every video tape my dad rented for me was horror. Horror has really possessed me and helped me through a lot of hard times such as dealing with cancer  for 3 years and a cancer relapse in which treatment ended a year this month “March”.

As an aside, horror also introduced me to the female form 😉 and the paranormal in which I now have a huge interest in.

Horror has also found me friendship during my first job straight out of school. The person I was working with was also a huge horror fan and we became best friends I am still friends with him 15 years later. Horror Also got me into one of my all time favourite bands KMFDM which also lead me to becoming a metal, EBM, Industrial DJ at a local metal club for 3 years, which I enjoyed a hell of a lot.

To this date I am a avid horror collector of DVD’s, Blu-rays, Action figures, Comics and much more!

So I would like to thank Horror for making my life somewhat complete, in a sick and twisted way, and I would like to thank Horror for introducing me to podcasts such as The Corpse Cast.
So that’s Mikey TromaTrash signing out…..Keep it Creepy Y’all!!!


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