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Corpse Collective Premium Updates for 10/31/2015

Corpse Collective Premium Updates for 10/31/2015

Mike Cadaver October 31, 2015 0 comments

It’s that time again folks…¬†New updates for Premium!!! First things first, the website has had an update that I’d like to talk about. We’ve added a queue system that works exactly like Netflix’s queue. Basically you can browse the videos on the site and on the video’s details page, you can click the “Add to Queue” link. This will add the video to it’s own header under the “Your Queue” header. This has not been implemented for the Roku just yet… but that’s next.

Time to gather around the computer or TV to get your fill of filth and farth! Here’s the new releases for this week!


This episode we’re talking NYC Hardcore from 1987 with Carnivore’s Retaliation. Then we’re talking some H.P. Lovecraft with Stuart Gordon’s 2001 film, Dagon.


Next up we delve into our first installment of Weird Wednesday on The Corpse Collective Premium Channel… This time we’re going to try to teach you Habit Patterns on how to make your life better. Warning, inebriation might be mandatory with this one.


Then, thanks to Zom-Bee TV, we present The Manipulator from 1971. An insane Hollywood makeup man kidnaps a woman, keeps her prisoner in his warehouse full of props.


Then, for the last movie of this week, we’re adding Frightmare brought to you by You Better Watch It! and Zom-Bee TV!¬†Edmund and Dorothy Yates are freed after fifteen years in an asylum. Edmund covers up for his wife who is a murderer and a cannibal and Dorothy’s daughter Debbie and stepdaughter Jackie, who live apart from them, may or may not have inherited her appetites. Dorothy has started to kill again…

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