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Corpse Cast Episode 191: The Wake of an Arsonist in Studio and Rabid (1977)

Mike CadaverJanuary 9, 20170 Comments
You guys been looking for a good Vampire Armpit Stinger movie? Well, we’re talking about the best one on the market this episode with 1977’s Rabid. We also have an awesome sludge-metal band in studio with Salt Lake’s own The Wake of an Arsonist!
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Corpse Cast Episode 190: Utah County Swillers in Studio and A Christmas Horror Story (2005)

Mike CadaverDecember 25, 20160 Comments
Merry Christmas SAVAGES! New Episode is up! We’ve got Derwood from The Utah County Swillers in Studio! We’re also talking A Christmas Horror Story… Get some!
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Corpse Cast Episode 189: The Damned – Phantasmagoria (1985) and Rare Exports: A Christmas Tale (2010)

Mike CadaverDecember 13, 20160 Comments
Alright you SAVAGES! New show is UP! The triumphant return of Shane Diablo! Plus we’re talking The Damned and Rare Exports… Stick it in your earhole and try not to BLEED!
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Corpse Cast Episode 188: Life Has a Way in Studio and El Dia de la Bestia (1995)

Mike CadaverDecember 6, 20160 Comments
  Here it is Folks! We’ve got Life Has a Way in studio and we’re talking about the end of the world with 1995’s El Dia de la Bestia!
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Corpse Cast Episode 187: ToxicDose in Studio and Krampus (2015)

Mike CadaverNovember 20, 20160 Comments
New one’s out! We head into the holiday season guns blazin’ talking about Krampus. We are also very lucky to Have Rob from Toxic Dose in studio!
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Corpse Cast Episode 186: DieMonsterDie in Studio

Mike CadaverNovember 7, 20160 Comments
All Hail! This week we have the almighty DieMonsterDie on the show! Get some…
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Corpse Cast Episode 185: The Cliterinas in Studio and Baskin (2015)

Mike CadaverOctober 24, 20160 Comments
Time to take your medicine MAGGOTS! This week we’ve got The Cliterinas in studio and we’re talking about a brutal and trippy Turkish horror movie called Baskin from 2015. It’s time for your ears to bleed!
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Corpse Cast Episode 184: Muckraker in Studio and Stitches (2012)

Mike CadaverOctober 17, 20160 Comments
Here it is folks! It’s time for The Corpse Cast featuring Muckraker! We’re also talking killer clowns with Stitches from 2012.
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Corpse Cast Episode 183: Deathblow in Studio and The Conjuring 2 (2016)

Mike CadaverSeptember 26, 20160 Comments
  So here it is folks… New episode full of Thrashy, Horrorey goodness! This episode we’ve got Deathblow in studio and we’re talking about The Conjuring 2 from 2016… CHOKE ON IIITTT!
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Corpse Cast Episode 182: Moon of Delirium in Studio and Requiem for the Vampire (1973)

Mike CadaverSeptember 15, 20160 Comments
Here it is Folks!!! We got your Salt Lake City Dark Mettalers, Moon of Delirium in studio! We’re also talking about a sleazy Rollin film named Requiem for the Vampire from 1973.
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