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Corpse Cast Episode 184: Muckraker in Studio and Stitches (2012)

Mike CadaverOctober 17, 20160 Comments
Here it is folks! It’s time for The Corpse Cast featuring Muckraker! We’re also talking killer clowns with Stitches from 2012.
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Corpse Cast Episode 183: Deathblow in Studio and The Conjuring 2 (2016)

Mike CadaverSeptember 26, 20160 Comments
  So here it is folks… New episode full of Thrashy, Horrorey goodness! This episode we’ve got Deathblow in studio and we’re talking about The Conjuring 2 from 2016… CHOKE ON IIITTT!
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Corpse Cast Episode 182: Moon of Delirium in Studio and Requiem for the Vampire (1973)

Mike CadaverSeptember 15, 20160 Comments
Here it is Folks!!! We got your Salt Lake City Dark Mettalers, Moon of Delirium in studio! We’re also talking about a sleazy Rollin film named Requiem for the Vampire from 1973.
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Corpse Cast Episode 181: Press Gang Union in Studio and Green Room (2015)

Mike CadaverAugust 31, 20160 Comments
This episode we’re going all punk! We start with Press Gang Union in studio then we talk about 2015’s Green Room.
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Corpse Cast Episode 180: Darklord in Studio and The Conspiracy (2012)

Mike CadaverAugust 17, 20160 Comments
All hail our Dark Master!!! This episode we have Salt Lake City’s own Darklord (seriously guys… live shows include boobies and giant Baphomet dick) in the studio! We’re also talking about 2012’s The Conspiracy! Get some…
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Corpse Cast Episode 179: Elde from Odium Totus and Gravehill in Studio and Mark of the Devil (1970)

Mike CadaverAugust 4, 20160 Comments
We’re back and this week we have Elde from Odium Totus and Gravehill in studio to talk about his black metal ways. We’re also talking about 1970’s Mark of the Devil!
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Corpse Cast Episode 178: Bestial Karnage in Studio – Nervosa – Agony (2016) and Torso (1973)

Mike CadaverJuly 21, 20160 Comments
Boy do we have a special treat for you savages. We begin with voicemails… then, in an unprecedented move, we actually have a black thrash attack when we had Aleks and Daniel from Bestial Karnage on the show! We then talk about another thrash band in…
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Corpse Cast Episode 177: Dokken – Back for the Attack (1987) and A Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors (1987)

Mike CadaverJuly 5, 20160 Comments
Here it is SAVAGES! This week, we our movie is just how I like ’em… Straight from the 80’s. This episode we’re talking Dokken’s Back from the Attack and A Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors… It’s all for you…
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Corpse Cast Episode 176: Pentagram – First Days Here (2002) and Under the Skin (2013)

Mike CadaverJune 18, 20160 Comments
What’s that you say? You are in the mood for some doom rock and a sexy alien mind-eff? Well… coincidentally enough we have exactly what you’re looking for this week! We’re talking Doom Metal pioneers Pentagram and their collection of…
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Corpse Cast Episode 175: Powerwolf – Preachers of the Night (2013) and Angst (2013)

Mike CadaverJune 10, 20160 Comments
Who likes wienerschnitzel? Well, you’re in for a double dose with this episode! We’re talking dark power metal in Germany’s Powerwolf, then we get into the mind of a German killer with Angst… Enjoy!
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